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Lagos International Trade Fair Kicks Off on a Promising Note (Posted 7th November, 2003)  

Nigeria Internet Group Holds Convention (Posted 7th November, 2003)

Nigeria's Investment Clime (Posted 28th October, 2003)

Revisiting Nigeria's Telecommunications Industry (Posted 12th Sept, 2003)

Small & Medium Scale Enterprises and Funding in Nigeria (Posted 25th Aug, 2003)

Customs Tariff on Many Major Items (Goods) Adobe Acrobat Reader required - File size: 157 kbs. You may save file to your hard disk or open it in your web browser. (Posted 19th Aug, 2003)

Import Prohibition List (Trade) (Posted 19th Aug, 2003)

Nigerian Film Industry: From Bust to Boom (Posted 10th Aug, 2003)

EFCC, Nigeria's New Fraud Busters (Posted 5th Aug, 2003)

The Nigerian Gas Industry (Posted 27th July, 2003)

Sports Titbits: June-July 2003 (Posted 27th July, 2003)

Two Days of Smartcard Technologies in Nigeria (Posted 20th July, 2003)

eTranzact Launches E-Payment System in Nigeria (Posted 13th July, 2003)

The Day After Labour's 8 Days Strike (Posted 8th July, 2003)

Sports Titbits: June-July 2003 (Posted 27th July, 2003)

Two Days of Smartcard Technologies in Nigeria (Posted 20th July, 2003)

eTranzact Launches E-Payment System in Nigeria (Posted 13th July, 2003)

The Day After Labour's 8 Days Strike (Posted 8th July, 2003)

Guidelines and Requirements for the Grant/Renewal of Air Transport Licence (ATL). (Posted 13th June, 2003)

Procedure for Registration of a Pure Water Industry in Nigeria. (Posted 6th June, 2003)

Courier Service in Nigeria. (Posted 30th May, 2003)

Courier Companies in Nigeria. (Posted 30th May, 2003)

Profile of Courier Regulatory Department, Nigeria. (Posted 30th May, 2003)

Chat with Head of Courier Regulatory Department. (30th May 2003)

Procedure for Registering a Courier Company in Nigeria. (Posted 30th May, 2003)

Domestic Airline Operation in Nigeria. (Posted 16th May, 2003)

The Fast Track Nigerian Fast Food Industry. (Posted 22nd March, 2003)

Minimum Paid Up Capital: SEC Issues Deadline To Capital Market Operators. (Posted 12th March, 2003)

Sanity Expected in Okada Operations as Tinubu Gives life to Okada New Deal. (Posted 12th March, 2003)

The State of Nigerian Roads (Posted 28th February, 2003)

A Review of the Nigerian Stock Market Performance in the Year 2002 (Posted 19th February, 2003)

Nigerians Register For National Identity Card From Today (Posted 18th February, 2003)

Nigerians Now Belting Up (Posted 9th February, 2003)

Nigerian Government Policy on Importation of Cars; 8 Year Rule Replaces the 5 Year Rule (Posted 3rd February, 2003)

Africa's Quest For Development & NEPAD (Posted 27th January, 2003)

NCP Primaries: Gani For President
(Posted 27th January, 2003)

Corporate Personality of The Month (22nd Jan 2003)

AD Gubernatorial Primaries (Posted 10th January, 2003)

ANPP Presidential Primaries - Intrigues & Deceit (Posted 10th January, 2003)

Obasanjo Wins PDP Presidential Primaries (Posted 10th January, 2003)

Fair Highlights Latest Inventions  (Posted 8th November, 2002)

The Ladipo Spare Parts Market, Lagos (Posted 4th November, 2002)

GSM & Nigeria's Teledensity: One Year After (Posted 28th October, 2002)

Nigeria's Pharmaceutical & Health Sector (Posted 22nd Sept, 2002)

Focus on the Ikeja Computer Village, Lagos (Posted 2nd Sept, 2002)

Investment Openings in Online Education in Nigeria: CTO 2002 (Posted 1st Jul, 2002)

Key Note Address
By Prof. Turner T. Isoun
Nigeria's Honorable Minister of Science and Technology,
At the Launching of the Smart Card Society of Nigeria on 11th April, 2002
(Posted 3rd Jun, 2002)

Six arrested over 'Nigerian email' frauds (ZDNet UK News) (Posted 21st May, 2002)

"Give Localities Autonomy of Their Resources" Ishola Williams - Part 2 (55kb) (Posted 13th May, 2002)

"Give Localities Autonomy of Their Resources" Ishola Williams - Part 1 (52kb) (Posted 6th May, 2002)

International Finance Corporation (IFC) Projects in Nigeria (Posted 30th Apr, 2002)

Nigeria and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) (Posted 30th Apr, 2002)

Sharia Imposes Discriminatory Punishments - Nigeria's Justice Minister ((Posted 21st Mar, 2002)

Writes To Sharia Governors

INTERVIEW - with P.R.O, Nigerian Customs Service (Posted 18th Mar, 2002)

Prospects of Nigerian SMEs Under The Small and Medium Industries Investment Scheme (SMIEIS). (Posted 18th Mar, 2002) 

Central Bank of Nigeria: Monetary Policy, 2002 & 2003 (74kb) (Posted 11th Mar, 2002)

Review of Nigeria's Stock Market in 2001 (Posted 28th Feb, 2002) 

INTERVIEW - with P.R.O, Nigerian Immigration Service (Posted 25th Feb, 2002)

The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission - The Journey So Far (Posted 30th Jan, 2002)

Tourism Seminar Organised in Nigeria (Posted 29th Dec, 2001)

Corporate Personality of The Month (29th Dec 2001)

BusinessDay Aims To Reinvent Financial Journalism (Posted 29th Nov, 2001)

Nigerian Stock Exchange: Moving To Greater Height (Posted 25th Nov, 2001) 

ORACLE 9iAS Opens A Fresh Vista in E-Business in Nigeria (Posted 25th Nov, 2001) 

Nigeria Set To Establish West Africa Free Trade Zone (Posted 25th Nov, 2001)

ZINOX Launches First Made-in-Nigeria Computer (Posted 20th Nov, 2001)

Nigeria Internet Group (NIG) Holds Convention (Posted 20th Nov, 2001) 

Jim Ovia Becomes The Charter President of Nigeria Internet Group, NIG (Posted 20th Nov, 2001)

Exhibitors Lobby For An Extension As 2001 Lagos International Trade Fair Ends (Posted 11th Nov, 2001)

September 11 Terrorist Attacks Affect Lagos Trade Fair (Posted 12th Nov, 2001)

First Bank of Nigeria PLC. Launches New Products (Posted 8th Nov, 2001)

Day 7 - Focus on Nigeria's Telecom Sector (Posted 8th Nov, 2001)

Peugeot and Mercedes Vie for Attention (Posted 7th Nov, 2001)

ECONET's "Buddie" Stars at the Fair (Posted 6th Nov, 2001)

Day 4 - Focus on Banks (Posted 5th Nov, 2001)

From "Valucard" to Ovaltine, 20,000 visit Fair (Posted 3rd Nov, 2001)

2001 Lagos International Trade Fair Opens In Grand Style (Posted 2nd Nov, 2001)

Governor Attah's Power Calculations (Posted 27th Oct, 2001)

New Law on AGOA Underway (Posted 27th Oct, 2001)

Interview (Posted 27th Oct, 2001)

With Rita Whitaker, United States Assistant Trade Representative for Africa.

"Soldiers" Leave Death  in Their Wake. (Posted 27th Oct, 2001) 

NITEL's GSM Gamble (Posted 16th Sept, 2001)

INTERVIEW (Posted  9th Sept, 2001)

With Peter Woicke, International Finance Corporation, IFC, executive Vice President, and a managing director of the World Bank Group.

List of GSM  Handsets Approved in Nigeria (Posted 12th Aug, 2001)

GSM Operations Start in Nigeria  (Posted  8th Aug, 2001)

ENRON-AES Lagos Power Project Takes Off  (Posted  24th Jul, 2001)

Banks Face a Barrage Over Naira's Exchange Rates (Posted  27th May, 2001)

Political Overview of Nigeria: A Nation in Transition (Posted  10th May, 2001)

Tug of War Over A Name (Posted 30th Apr, 2001)

Story of the Securities & Exchange Commission and the Nigerian Stock Exchange 

Nigeria’s LNG Company Awards Gas Project Contract (Posted 16th Apr, 2001)

Nigeria’s Power & Steel Minister Speaks on Improving Power Supply (Posted 2nd Apr, 2001) 

Nigeria's Fuel Bogey (Posted 20th Mar, 2001) 

A Peep Into 2003 (Posted 14th Mar, 2001)  

Digital Mobile Phone Licences: Nigerians Count Their Blessings (Posted 13th Mar, 2001)

A Nation Rebounds (Posted 12th Mar, 2001)

419:Combating A Festering Sore  (Posted 21st Feb, 2001)

Still on Advanced Fee Fraud: A Visitor's comment on 419 (Posted 21st Feb,  2001)  

Rebuilding a Nation (Posted 30th Jan 2001)

The Growing Email Culture In Nigeria (Posted 19th Jan, 2001)

3 Winners Announced Today for Digital Mobile Licences in Nigeria (Posted 19th Jan, 2001)

Nigerian Mobile Phone Licences Auction Still Ongoing at $225,000,000 (44kb) (Posted 18th Jan, 2001)

NCC Confirms Five Bidders for Mobile Phone Licences Auction Today (Posted 9th Jan, 2001)

Bayelsa State Government Revamps Kolo Creek Power Plant (Posted Dec 2000)

Nigerian Government Directs Capital Transfer To Central Bank (Posted Dec 2000)

Geological Surveys Department Becomes An Institute (Posted Dec 2000)

New Guidelines For GSM Licences (Posted Dec 2000)  

Time To Invest In Nigeria (Posted Dec 2000)

IPMAN To Build Own Refinery (Posted Dec 2000)

NIPC Restructures (Posted Dec 2000)

Nigerian Government Takes Major Stake In Agbami Oil Field (Posted Dec 2000)

Abuja Exchange Hopeful as SEC Unfolds New Rules (Posted Dec 2000)

Solid Minerals Laws Under Review (Posted Dec 2000)  


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